A gem from my own scanned slides

A gem from my own scanned slides.

Amazon gift cards burning a hole in your pocket? Looking for a way to organize and declutter your life for 2015?

Take one small step — and spend some quality time with a few friends — by buying a photo scanner and pulling together a photo scanning party to digitize your old photographs. As I consider my own oversized bin of photos and letters, which is currently languishing in the basement, this idea from The Minimalists blog feels especially apt for ADHD’ers.

Why? Because we tend to hold onto sentimental items, we struggle to keep our collection of stuff organized, and we often need moral support to get through a daunting task. Planning a party sounds fun, right? Certainly more fun than sitting alone and tackling a to-do item called “digitize old photos.”

Turning organizing time into social time will help your projects feel less overwhelming, with the added benefit of a few objective third parties to keep you focused on your goal.

If you have old photos hiding in boxes or piles, check out the original photo party post on The MinimalistsThis is a great way to ensure your photos stay safe, organized, and — perhaps most important — easy to access and appreciate.