The ADHD Homestead’s mission is to provide practical, actionable information and support for ADHD adults and families. I live in a home with two ADHD adults and one preschooler — I know how tough things get sometimes!

To that end, my top priority will always be lending a hand to people like me.

Maintaining a blog costs time and money, though. I will sometimes use brand partnerships and affiliate links to support my mission and keep The ADHD Homestead going.

My opinion & integrity

All opinions and advice shared on The ADHD Homestead are my own. I’m an aspiring minimalist and I’ll only promote books and products I truly believe are useful. Even if I’m offered compensation to promote something, I won’t do it unless I think it’s going to help my readers.


I love to review books, products, and apps that support people with ADHD. Most of the time, these are items I’ve purchased (or checked out from the library) myself. If I’m offered any compensation, including free products, in exchange for a review, I’ll let you know at the start of the post.

Partners & affiliate links

The ADHD Homestead currently partners with the following brands and websites to provide affiliate links and/or sales commissions:

Clicking affiliate links or using coupon codes found on The ADHD Homestead will support the blog and help keep it alive.

A special note about pharmaceutical companies: you’ll never see them under this heading. If you know me or my blog, you know I 100% support the use of prescription medication to ease ADHD symptoms. I feel comfortable saying this because I speak from my own research and experience only, and will never accept compensation of any kind from a pharmaceutical or supplement manufacturer. This is one area where I think independence is necessary to integrity.


Straight-up advertising — that is, ads from partner networks like Amazon or Google AdSense — appears in the sidebar. I don’t use in-line advertising or banners because I believe if it’s in the main content area, it should be something created intentionally by me. If you see it in the sidebar, it’s coming from an external source.

If you have any questions, please shoot me an email or ask in the comments!